Monday, December 10, 2007


Okay, well, for those of you who haven't found out yet...I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE ANESTHESIA PROGRAM AT UTC!!!!!!!!! Yay! I cannot contain my excitement and such a huge achievement! It is really kind of a big deal, but anyway, YAY!!

On another note, here are the pictures of the christmas tree, like I promised, one is with a flash and the other is without to see the lights better!

Friday, December 07, 2007


Okay, I haven't updated in forever! Here is a recap and let's hope that I can keep up with this thing from now on! I mostly like pictures, so I will not write too much! Here's what's new, in case if you've been living under a rock or something:
1-Len and I got married in October!
2-Honeymooned in NYC!
3-Had a great Thanksgiving together as a married couple, in which I cooked!
4-I had a birthday on Nov.30th and turned 24, as well as my interview for anesthesia school was on the same day
5-This past weekend we got our tree and decorated the house for christmas!
6-It is cold here now

I think we've adjusted well at this point to living here in TN. We have met some good friends, and are loving married life so far. For now, we just go through the normal day to day living, going to work, enjoying time off together, etc. If I get into school, then life will be very different from then on. Now for the fun part, here are some pictures!




Len did a great job carving the pumpkin




This bag on Len's belt crack's me up!

I will post more on the house with decorations after I clean it, haha!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Tracy visits me again!

One of my good friends from Pensacola, Tracy came to visit me this past week during her spring break! We had such a great time. On Thursday, we ate at this cute little cafe outside in what is called "the art district," then we went to the mall and then went to dinner at Red Lobster (we all used to work there together). We drank a lot there and the bartender took care of us if you know what I mean! We used to get the hook up all of the time in Pensacola, because Len knew everybody there, pretty much. So, I think Len and I are going to make this a regular thing. On Friday's we'll hit up the Rho Lambda, as we alumni like to say! Friday, Tracy and I ate lunch at McAlister's, which is the best lunch place ever! Then we tried on bridal and bridesmaid dresses. I still haven't found "the one." After that, we went to Barnes and Noble and looked at magazines and drank starbucks. That night we all ate at Outback (Tracy said that she was craving red meat, lol!) After dinner, thanks to the influence of margaritas, we went to this place downtown, called "The Mix" which is a small club, and it was really fun. We danced our booties off and got the lame people in there on the dance floor. No one was dancing before we got there. Tracy and I lived up to the inevitable "box bitches," not to be confused with "booth bitches," which is a whole other situation (Jo understands). One of Tracy's guy friends says that we are what he calls the "box bitches." These are the girls who can't go to a club or bar,etc, without getting on the stage, or pole, or in the box, or whatever the featured prop happens to be! hahaha, when she told me about this theory on "box bitches" I started cracking up and then I was like, yep that's us! The next groggy morning, we ate at the Cracker Barrel, yummy! Then she left that afternoon. The whole time she was here, we just had the best time with each other. I forgot how much we used to goof off. We always quote things, and we will have new quotes for a period of time, until we come up with another one. The last time she visited me the quote of the weekend was from that Capital One commercial with the two old fat ladies on the couch, "Shoot, yeah, shoot." This week it was "Meet me at the's goin down," among many many others. I guess you would have to be there, but it is so funny. We crack each other up and just laugh constantly when we are together. It reminds me of how it was back in the day when we were glued at the hip. Our boyfriends were best friends with each other and we would always be together, going off and doing our own thing most of the time. Now, neither of us have those boyfriends anymore, but we are still good friends. I miss good friends like her. Living here in Chattanooga, it isn't so easy to find friends like this, friends that are girls like me, who do not have any children yet, who are still young, yet professional, and still a little immature, and like to have a good time just keeping each other company whether it be at the mall, a restaurant, drinks at the bar, or whatever! I am a pretty easy-going person, but it is hard to meet good friends here. Maybe I'm being too broad in my depiction, but to me the people here seem like they are ready to settle down with kids at such a young age, and if they don't have kids, then they're still in school. They all have their own groups of friends already and don't want someone new coming in. I guess this stage of life that I am in is sort of the in-between stage, and it is hard for me to find anyone else that is in the same grouping. Anyway, I didn't mean to go off on a tangent like that. The point of this blog is that I love good friends and I can't wait to see you all again, hopefully sometime soon!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Yay! It finally snowed in Chattanooga!!! This morning, Len woke me up and said, "Baby, wake up, it snowed!" Then we went outside in our P.J.'s and Len threw a snowball at little Ike...he didn't like that too much. It was so cool! My first time ever seeing a blanket of snow, and it was so beautiful! The pictures really don't portray what I saw in person! Len was so cute...he was so excited, laughing and carrying on like a little kid on christmas morning! hahaha! This town is so funny when it snows, like the whole freakin city shuts down...all the schools, and lots of places delay their times of opening. Wal-Mart is out of milk and eggs and necessities! It's pretty crazy!

On another note, I recently found out that I will be transferring to a different unit in the hospital that I work in! It's the Surgical intensive care unit...I am very excited, because this is the unit that I need to be working in to get the kind of experience that the anesthesia school is looking for me to have. Everything in my life, it seems, is coming together so great, I feel so blessed!! I love Len and I can't wait to be married to him! I have wonderful friends, We are both healthy, we have a great dog, and soon I'll be done with school and finally be in the career that I set out to do! I love all of you guys! I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year so far!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We're Engaged!!!!

Okay, this is long overdue. I’ll start with Christmas. It was a wonderful one.
Very busy, and lots of traveling was done. We got to see all of our family this year! From Chattanooga, to Jacksonville, then to Panama City then Pensacola, then back to Chattanooga. But it was well worth it to see everyone for Christmas.

I loved hanging out with Len and his sisters, they are just so fun all together!On Christmas eve, we all went to mass and then back to my parents’ house to eat yummy food and open presents. After we all opened presents, Len announced for everyone’s attention, and then started saying how there is something he’s been meaning to do, and how now seems like the best time to ask me this, then proceeded to get down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!! Of course, I said YES!!! And I was so ecstatic! I could not stop smiling and felt a sense of shock and just an overwhelming feeling of joy and excitement. I had dreamed of this day coming and it finally had.About a week later began all of the wedding planning! I thought that I would never have a problem with this part, because I’ve pretty much dreamt of my wedding day since I was 4. However, monetary issues can be somewhat of a problem. I am enjoying wedding planning as much as I can, I just have so many ideas, that I don’t know which one to pick. I think I am so far, the worst stressed out bride ever! The week after my engagement, I drove back down to Pensacola to look at some venues and churches first hand to make up my mind on a location and set the date, book photographer, etc. Kristi was a great help for me. I never knew planning a wedding could cause so much stress on one little person! I mean I am breaking out all over the place, I even have backne now! Ahh! Anywho, Kristi let me drive her all around Pensacola three times over one day to help me choose a location. And, we got to go on a date…we haven’t done that in forever! Here we are at Horizon for sushi...mmmm… After everything, I ended up with my original choices! Go figure! Well, I am happy to say that I now know what I want my wedding day to look and feel like, I can imagine it in my head. The wedding will be on October 6, 2007…now I just need to take care of the details. I will try to keep everyone posted on everything. This is going to be a great year, because it is the year that Len and I will become husband and wife and I will find out if I will be going to anesthesia school this year. I can't wait for everything! I hope to see everyone at the wedding!! P.S. Many of you would be happy to know that I now have a knot page!

Here are some more pics